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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science How to set up an advising appointment

Face to Face Advising

Students Now Able to Self-Schedule Advising Appointments
Undergraduate students now have the ability to sign-in to SSC Campus and schedule advising appointments with assigned academic advisors.

Summary of Steps for Students

  1. Sign-in to with Network ID
  2. Select “Get Advising” Button
  3. Choose Campus and Appointment Reason
  4. Choose Advisor Location and Advisor
  5. Select Time
  6. Confirm Appointment


Advising Instructions:

  1. Show up for your appointment and be on time! If you miss an advising appointment your advisor may not permit you to schedule another appointment until after registration has opened.
  2. Look at the schedule of classes for your degree program and plan your next semester prior to your advising appointment.
  3. Look at your Student Academic Requirements Report (SARS) and make sure that it accurately reflects all of the courses that you’ve taken and in which you are currently enrolled.
  4. Make sure you have the prerequisites for any courses you are planning to take.

Additional Requirements for Undergraduate Advising Hold

Meeting with your advisor will satisfy the requirement for the semester and you will be able to get your Undergrad Advising Hold removed.  Once a year there is an additional requirement of a Faculty Mentor Meeting which is dependent upon the first letter of your last name:

A-L meets with faculty mentor in the Fall, and M-Z meets in the Spring.

Meeting with your advisor and submitting your completed Faculty Mentor Form in the applicable semester will enable your Undergraduate Advising Hold to be lifted.