EECS Student Highlight

Luke Clancy is a senior in his last semester at WSU as a Computer Science student on the Artificial Intelligence track. He first became interested in Computer Science when he attended Sammamish High School where he had a fantastic teacher named Mr. H who worked at Microsoft, but took time out of his day to teach high school students Computer Science.

Luke chose WSU due to its unique location and by perusing the Computer Science course list. He had always lived in suburbs so he wanted to study somewhere different.

After his sophomore year he was feeling overwhelmed and pessimistic so he took a year off. During this year he was a temporary server for a couple of months, at weddings and company events. During this time his father suggested he attend a tech talk on dot net. While talking to the other attendees he realized he may secure an internship. After several interviews, he began an eight month-long internship at  Philips. During this time he built up his resources, and  traveled through Europe to meet his family in Australia, before returning to WSU that fall. Washington State University and his time at Philips has provided him with the tools to work in a wide variety of positions. He is ready to utilize these tools and continue his education throughout his life. Luke hopes to continue traveling and help create new and revolutionary technology.