Have you ever considered being a TA? You might be able to get credit, which can be used as a Free Elective, or a scholarship for doing so.

Students with a 3.0 GPA and an A in the course for which they wish to serve as a TA are given preference.

Interested students are encouraged to complete the EECS Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Application and turn in the form to EME 305 AND an online survey.

It is recommended to contact the instructor for whom you would like to TA and confirm it is okay for you to TA for them.

Courses below currently have a need for TAs (this list is subject to change):

  • CptS 111
  • CptS 121
  • CptS 122
  • CptS 223
  • CptS 260
  • CptS 321
  • CptS 322
  • CptS 355
  • EE 214
  • EE 234
  • EE 262
  • CptS/EE 302

Applying for a specific TA position does not guarantee you will receive that placement as the number of applicants does sometimes exceed the placements available.

Application deadline for Spring 2019 TA positions is January 11, 2019