Faculty Mentor Information

You are required to meet with your faculty mentor once per academic year.  If your last name begins with an A-L, then you will meet your faculty mentor in the fall.  If your last name begins with an M-Z, then you will meet your faculty mentor in the spring.  The purpose for these meetings with your faculty mentor is to open an ongoing conversation regarding such things as careers options, internships and employment opportunities within your chosen field, option/elective course choices, and graduate school opportunities both at WSU and at other institutions. 

You will be reminded of this requirement during your advising appointment and given a form to have filled out and signed by your faculty mentor.  The form must be returned to your advisor prior to that semester's advising hold being removed.  It’s a good idea to arrange to meet with your mentor early in the semester.

Many mentors have office hours posted.  Stopping by your mentor’s office during office hours is a good way to meet with him/her.  You can find your mentor’s contact information using the search function on any WSU page.  Additionally, your mentor’s contact information will be provided during your advising appointment, and it is posted on the bulletin board between EME 302 and EME 304.