Certification Application-Pullman campus

*1. The School offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (BA CptS); Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS CptS); Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CptE); Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BS EE).

Because of enrollment pressures which, at times, exceed the carrying capacity of the School's faculty and facilities, procedures for certification into these degree programs have been instituted.


1. Eligibility for Consideration:   To be considered for certification into the programs of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a student must have completed at least 30 semester hours including the following specific coursework for each degree program:


In order to certify all EECS students are required to have a Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher


BA CptS: CptS 121, 122, 223; Math 201, 202, 216; Phil 201. Math 171, 172 may substitute for Math 201, 202.


BS CptS: CptS 121, 122 ; Math 171, 172, 216; Phys 201.


BS SE: CptS 121, 122 ; Math 171, 172, 216; Phys 201.


BS CptE: CptS 121; EE 214; Math 171, 172, 273, 220; Phys 201.


BS EE: CptS 121; EE 214; Math 171, 172, 220, 273; Phys 201.


All courses listed above, as well as other required EE or CptS courses and their prerequisites, must have "C" or better grades.


2. When to Apply for Certification: Students should apply via this online application prior to December 1st or May 1st for spring and fall semester certification, respectively, in order to ensure timely consideration. Summer applicants should apply no later than August 1st. Certified status is a required prerequisite to all 300- and 400- level classes.


3. Criteria for Certification: At the current time students who have achieved C or better grades in all classes and who have no other issues (such as academic integrity issues) will certify into their chosen degree program.


If enrollment numbers increase, qualification for initial certification, as well as continuation of certified status, may be evaluated based on several criteria including academic integrity, overall GPA, and GPA in major coursework. Additionally, all or part of the following ranking procedures may be used depending on enrollment numbers and space available in each degree program. Eligible applications may be ranked by: (a) WSU GPA or, if a new transfer, the transfer GPA, (b) GPA in Math and Science courses, (c) GPA in EE or CptS courses and, if applying to EE, (d) GPA in other Engineering courses. The GPA's in (b) and (c) may be adjusted to average in all grades on repeated courses. Those students ranked high in all applicable categories will be certified. Other factors such as credit hour load per semester, number of courses repeated, and extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration. Preference may be given to Washington State residents. The evaluation will be done by a faculty committee of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


4. Decertification: Any student who is found to be in violation of any WSU, departmental, or individual class academic integrity policy may be decertified. Students who fall below a cumulative 2.0 GPA may be decertified in accordance with University Rule 38. Certified students who earn less than a 2.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters are subject to decertification.


A student denied certification or decertified in a particular semester may reapply at a later date, and will be considered with all of the other applicants at the time of reapplication. Students not certified or decertified by the School may appeal to the Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture, for a review to ensure that the accepted departmental procedures were followed.


5.  Notification:  You will only be notified if we have questions about your application or if you are not being certified.  If you do not hear from your academic advisor, you may assume you have been certified.